Hi Rabbi,
There was an interesting question that came up from our kids during Succos:  why do we only say a berachah on the lulav, instead of all four species?  What is special about the lulav with regard to the berachah?

Hi Avi,

The Lulav question is a VERY GOOD one. Some say that as the tallest of the four species, we say “Lulav” but all four are included, just that Lulav is the “leader.” Others refer us to the medrash that says that in olden times a winning litigant was given a spear to hold as he left court to signify to all that the judge had ruled in his favor. The Lulav is symbolic of victory after the judgment of Rosh Hashana/ Yom Kippur so it is given extra attention, and all species are called on its name.
Rabbi Rhine