Talmud Yevamos

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Yevamos14- What is a Mamzer?

TTfT 0807. Yevamos14B page 28, transcribed. Let’s discuss an important topic called Mamzer. It is a very serious topic, and we will discuss a workaround which sometimes helps, based on a ruling of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. This solution is sometimes misunderstood, but it is enormously helpful when it does apply. The concept of Mamzer is more »

Yevamos47- Halachic Conversion for Men and Women

TTfT 0840 transcribed. Yevamos 47b, page 93. Our topic is conversion to Judaism. If a non-Jew comes to convert to Judaism in our time what is the procedure? The first thing that we need to appreciate is that Judaism does not claim that a person has to become Jewish in order to be good. We more »