Rabbi Mordechai Rhine

Rabbi Mordechai Rhine

Rabbi Mordechai Rhine, originally of Monsey, NY, is the Rav of Southeast Hebrew Congregation in Silver Spring, MD. He also serves on the Board of the Vaad of Greater Washington, and is the founder and director of TEACH613, promoting Jewish education through classes and virtual media. His weekly e-mail parsha newsletter enhances Shabbos for hundreds of Jews nationwide. Rabbi Rhine is the presenter of Take Ten for Talmud, a program which provides a unique Daf Yomi experience.

Rabbi Rhine studied in Beth Medrash Gevoha in Lakewood for over a decade. His approach to learning and teaching was greatly influenced by the Mashgiach, Rav Matisyahu Salamon shlita, and by the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yeruchem Olshin shlita, who wrote an approbation to his book “Magic of Shabbos.” Rabbi Rhine holds semicha from Rabbi Berel Wein and from Rabbi Shmuel Meir Katz. He received a Masters in Rabbinic and Talmudic Studies from Beth Medrash Gevoha, as well as an MA in Educational Leadership from Bellevue University.

Rabbi Rhine is the author of “The Magic of Shabbos: A Journey Through the Shabbos Experience,” (1998) which received an approbation from Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, then Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi of Israel. Rbbi Rhine is also the producer of “The Perek Shirah Collection” (2012) an audio series on Scriptural Zoology available in stores or by donation through this web site.

Rabbi Rhine was the Rav of Young Israel of Cherry Hill for over a decade (2002-2013), and was the founding director of Torah Links of Cherry Hill (1998-2009). He has taught Gemara and Novie with great success in a variety of forums including the Foxman Torah Institute (FTI) High School in Cherry Hill, NJ. Rabbi Rhine’s passion for teaching Torah is evident in the variety of Torah topics that he presents on. His joy is to share the warmth of Torah and to connect with Jews of all backgrounds, helping each individual reach their potential and achieve their goals.

His halachic and hashkafic guidance are highly sought after, based on his breadth of knowledge and the personal attention he strives to provide. His wife, Rebbetzin Yittie Rhine, originally from Brooklyn, New York, holds a Masters Degree from Long Island University in Speech Language Pathology and works part time in that field.

She has completed the Kallah Teacher Training Course by the National Council of Young Israel and has experience counseling women of all ages. Rebbetzin Rhine has coordinated and authored an online weekly message entitled “Lighting and Learning”, encouraging women to light Shabbos candles on time. Rebbitzen Rhine conducts classes, and counsels women in ways to make a Torah lifestyle meaningful for themselves and their families.

The Rhines live in Silver Spring, MD, where they run a lively, warm, and open home, with the help of their six delightful children.

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In August 2013 Southeast Hebrew Congregation welcomed Rabbi Rhine as the new Rav of the kehilla. On November 16th, 2013, hundreds from the Greater Washington Jewish Community joined together at SEHC for a gala melave malka, for the installation and formal welcome of Rabbi Rhine as the new Rav of the shul. The event featured a beautiful video presentation that included Divrei Bracha from Rabbi Berel Wein, Rabbi Sholom Kaminetsky, Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum, Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold, Rabbi Dovid Katzenstein and Rabbi Menachem Winter.

Installation video of Rabbi Rhine to Southeast Hebrew Congregation, Silver Spring, MD