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One of the well known rules is that we can set things up before Shabbos to do things on Shabbos. This is the common practice regarding timers on appliances, as well as setting the thermostat on a heating system which will cause a fire to go on periodically throughout Shabbos. The basis for this approach in Shabbos observance is a passage in the Talmud, Shabbos 17. Learn the passage with the Take Ten for Talmud program at Shabbos 17- Setting Melacha Up Before Shabbos Begins


Shabbos is a precious highlight in the week. Some take Ten for Talmud sessions that explore this theme are

Shabbos 35- The Call to Shabbos Preparations , Shabbos 118- The Three Shabbos Meals , Shabbos 119- To Honor Shabbos and its Reward ,

What exactly are the categories of Shabbos that describe prohibited activity? Find out with take Ten for Talmud Shabbos 73- The 40 minus 1 Categories of Shabbos , and Shabbos 94- Understanding Purposeful Melacha


One of the areas of Shabbos which requires a bit of study to observe properly is the topic of Bishul/ Cooking. Although cooking is prohibited, it is a Mitzvah to enjoy hot food on Shabbos. The result is a body of literature identifying what is or isn’t an acceptable way to heat food on Shabbos. Some of these questions and discussions are explored in the take Ten for talmud sessions Shabbos 39- Kalei Habishul and Tea BagsShabbos 40- How Hot is Hot- Yad Soledes Bo , Shabbos 42- Can I put Ketchup on my Chulent , and Shabbos 47- Intro to Hatmana- insulating .


Muktza is a fascinating topic in Shabbos law. In Take Ten for Talmud we explore some of the intriguing questions in the topic of Muktza. Shabbos 123- Intro to Muktza , Shabbos 45- Can Food Be Muktza?  , Shabbos 46- Muktza- What do we anticipateShabbos 50- Muktzah Considerations , Shabbos 143- Cleaning the table after the meal


One of the important areas of Jewish Law is knowing what to do in case of a medical need. In case of endangerment to life one is obligated to violate Shabbos to save the life. But in cases of concern or inconvenience the rules follow more detail, based on the specific circumstances. Join our Take Ten for Talmud discussions on the topics of Shabbos 92- Carrying Medical Essentials with a Shinuy , and Shabbos 90- What can I take with me to the hospital?

Rosh Hashana



Yom Kippur


Shmini Atzeres

Simchas Torah


 Shabbos 21- The Chanukah Menorah- The Basics

Shabbos 22- Chanukah- The Purpose of the Shamash






 Shabbos 88- Naaseh V’Nishma- We Will Do and We Will Hear


Tishah B’Av