“For unknown reasons, or better, for reasons that are shrouded in divine mystery, in recent years, the number of convert who are completely and utterly sincere has grown appreciably.”

(Rabbi J. David Bleich, Contemporary Halakhic Problems, Vol 4, p. 145)

In our time the topic of conversion has become enormously complex. As in all generations people may come to convert for a variety of reasons. Many people will endorse conversions despite the fact that the candidate had little knowledge of Judaism and is not truly accepting Torah. But when a person converts to Judaism through a proper protocol they are respected, and the subject of a special mitzvah to “love the convert.”
Proper conversion involves a full acceptance of Torah observance. Unlike a person who was born Jewish and is now simply trying to increase their observance, the candidate for conversion is expected to truly be ready for full observance at the time of conversion. This involves quite a bit of study, experiencing Jewish events, and being in touch with a mentor who can guide the candidate through the process. Ultimately the righteous convert has earned great admiration by choosing to travel on the journey to Torah and mitzvos.

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