One of the beautiful concepts of Torah and Mitzvos is that they are intrinsically good for us, and not just something that we are told to observe. As such our ancestors observed Torah and Mitzvos even before they were commanded at Mount Sinai (following the Exodus from Egypt). A nice analogy to the concept of something that is intrinsically good is homework. If a student does the homework which was assigned, they get credit for it. If they do not do it, the teacher duly notes that omission in their grading book. That is true for superficial reward and punishment. But on a deeper, more sophisticated level, the reward for doing homework is that the student then knows the material. The punishment for not doing the homework is that the student does not know the material. A similar analogy can be given regarding stopping at a stop sign. On one level the reward and punishment is whether or not the driver will get a traffic violation. But a deeper and more sophisticated perspective is that obeying traffic laws is intrinsically good because it keeps us safe. Click here for a Take Ten for Talmud perspective on what changed in our relationship to Mitzvos once the commndments were given at Mount Sinai: Brachos 10- Mitzvos after Har Sinai


In this category we will discuss the topics of…

Belief in G-d

To listen to a true prophet

Not to believe in another G-d

Not to say prophecy in the name of another god

To study and to teach Torah

To wear Tzitzis and Teffilin

To recite shema twice daily

To remember what amolek did to us

To love a convert

 and Jewish Continuity