We have started a Talmud Discussion Group through Yahoo Groups. Each week we post a question and provide some source material to answer it. Also, it is a great opportunity to post questions that you might have about the Talmud or Jewish observance.

To join please click here: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/teach613/info

Once you have joined you can subscribe under any e-mail address (such as gmail etc.) and you will be able to post your own questions, answers or comments be sending an e-mail to teach613@yahoogroups.com

Below is a description of the group:

A Forum for Jewish discussion, based on Talmud study and traditional Jewish values. This group will explore weekly themes from the Talmud, with some focus on selections from the Take Ten for Talmud series. Feel free to comment on the weekly themes or to add a question of your own. Questions and comments that relate to the Talmud and Jewish tradition are welcome. This is a great place to explore the role of Jewish scholarship and the rebirth of the Jewish observant community in our generation. Please visit our website at www.teach613.org.

Comments or questions can be posted to this Yahoo Group or e-mailed to Rabbi Mordechai Rhine at RMRhine@teach613.org

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