Kedusha, G-d’s Favorite Prayer

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1. Blessed are you in the Name of Hashem, those who dwell in heaven, and with the Chariot: Please tell My children what I do while they say Kedusha as they recite, “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh.” Teach them that their eyes should be heavenwards to the place of their prayers, and they should life themselves upwards. For there is no joy to Me like when they raise their eyes to Mine, and My eyes in theirs.


2. It was in the year that King Uziyahu “died”, and I perceived Hashem sitting on a high a lofty throne, and its bottom was in the Temple. Seraphim were standing above, each had six wings, with two it covered its face, with two it covered its legs, and with two it would fly. And one would call to the other and say, “Holy, holy, holy, is Hashem, Master of forces, the entire world is filled with His honor.


3. All that Yechezkel saw was also seen by Yeshaya, but Yechezkel was like a person from the suburbs who came to the big city, while Yeshaya is like a person in the capital city who saw the king.


4. Go, come to the exile, to the people of your nation, and speak to them… Then a great wind lifted me and I heard behind me the sound of a great noise. “Blessed be the glory of Hashem from His place.”


5.One can ask: If Yechezkel is a trustworthy prophet why did he reveal everything that he saw? Yechezkel was a trustworthy prophet, and he revealed all that he did with permission.All was necessary.

One who is accustomed to difficult times is able to handle difficult times. But one who is accustomed to pampering and delicacies and now is pained- this is complete pain. On such an occurrence it is proper to cry.

When the exile occurred, Hashem called to His heavenly accompaniment and said, “What are you doing here. My beloved children are exiled. Quickly go to Bavel, and I will go with you.” When they arrived, the heavens opened and Yechezkel experienced prophecy and saw all that he saw and told the Jewish people, but they did not believe him. He had to reveal the details. Then the Jews rejoiced knowing that Hashem did not forsake them.


6. Hashem shall reign forever, G-d of Tziyon, from generation to generation, Halleluka!